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Chef Mickey- A Disney Moment

This is from a “first” trip with a family of our nephews.

I should probalby not that those who do not know, my husband and I were unable to have children, so we made a decision to spoil our nieces and nephews.  Partof that was when the youngest child in the family turned 5 we would pay for the kids to go with us to Disney (parents could go if they wanted but had to pay their way).

On this trip the first day we had dinner at Chef Mickey. I was very excited as I not tried this prior and was looking forward to it. I have seen it so many times as the monorail drives overhead.

We were sitting their eating, you could see his eyes as they darted around the room looking at the characters, waiting for them to come see him.

He lucked out as Mickey was the first, when he came to the table, my nephew just lit up like a Christmas tree! I was able to catch it in a picture.  It is my favorite picture of him, even though he is older now.  The look of joy and happiness on his face, that was a Disney moment!  Thank you.

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