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February Newsletter

FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER 2019 Exploring Non-Park Activities at Disney What non-park things can you do at Disney?? The answer is – PLENTY! Disney is not all about the parks? What?? YES, IT’S TRUE! There are so many things that you can do without being in the...

January Newsletter

JANUARY NEWSLETTER 2019 My First Big Disney Planning Trip circa 2002 2002 seems so long ago, and certainly in a galaxy far, far away. The amount I have learned about touring Disney, on top of the changes that Disney has made since 2002 is quite substantial – and I’m...

December Newsletter

DECEMBER NEWSLETTER 2018 What to Pack As a thank you to all my newsletter readers, I have put together my general vacation packing list as well as my Disney list of in-park essentials for easy packing and reference! You can add your own items to this list as well to...

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