Disney is my magical place!

Disney is so much my magical place and I love how I feel when I am there!  I love to help people feel when they are there!  I am lucky that I can help people with their planning for Disney!!  It is all true joy for me. I recently had coffee with a friend of mine (OK,...

Villains Vs. Princesses at Disney

Which is your go to at Disney?  The Villains or the Princesses?  As many of you know mine is the Villains.  It is actually much harder to find Villains at Disney then Princesses.  With some good research and tips you certainly can find them.  Remember that Planning at...

My first and last meet ups with Cruella!

My first meet up with Cruella was at Hollywood Studios , many years ago.  I can still remember the excitement I felt when I saw her, it was unbelievable!!  I thought, I am finally going to get to meet Cruella, it was a dream come true!! It was a very short line to see...

First family!

Loved being First Family for morning at Hollywood and Vine! This meant pictures with all the characters and first one in for the day:) A little extra magic for my niece. Thank you Disney!

Joy and Sadness

Loved our meet up with Joy and Sadness. It really is pretty cool and you get to see all the core memories balls on the walls.   Across the way you can meet Baymax.   Sadness loved my husband’s Yoda!! Maybe we made her happy:)