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Baby Care Centers in the Disney Parks

Did you know that each Disney park has baby care centers?  They are an absolute JOY for parents and little ones.

  • I cannot over-emphasize the importance of these baby centers; they are an incredible stress-saver, especially for the already-hectic family vacation planning process.
  • I think the term “baby care center” may create some skeptics, but PLEASE don’t stay away!  It is great for toddlers and young children.
  • Recently, one of my clients went to Disney and used a baby care center. She said on her first day using it, “I never want to leave!”
  • Perhaps one of the most important make-or-break factors in your trip is how you navigate the sometimes-insane Florida summer heat. The baby care center is air conditioned and comfortable, and has places to just sit and relaxing.
  • For nursing Mom’s you can have your own space for nursing and/or the option to use a pump and there are rocking chairs available for you and your baby. Remember, a busy mom needs to sleep sometime too!
  • There is a baby center clearly marked on the park maps or Disney App, and each park’s baby care center is a little bit different.
  • For your little ones, it’s a perfect opportunity to sit down and chill out.  In each care center, there’s a main area where there is sofa, table and chairs where you and your kids can watch TV (Disney cartoons) or just rest for a while.
  • Each care center comes with a kitchen area that has a stove, microwave and sink, and a changing room with a unisex bathroom.  There is even a feeding area with high chairs!!
  • Each baby center also has an on-site shop for things you may need that include: sunscreen, formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, over the counter medications, and clothes- all available for purchase.

IMPORTANT: If a child gets separated from their parents they are taken to the baby care centers.  We all hope and plan that this never happens, but Disney has it covered, just in case.

Please use the baby care centers to keep not just your little ones, but your big ones happy!

Here is a helpful link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/baby-care-centers/

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