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Disney Planning in 5 Easy Steps

Disney Planning in 5 Easy Steps

Are you planing a trip to Disney?  Here is Disney Planning in 5 Easy Steps! Feeling overwhelmed by all the information?  Hoping to find all the Disney planning information in a step by step guide? I bet you wish that all the Disney information was all in one place! It...

Universal Resorts Maps

Who wants a Universal Resorts Maps??  I just received them in the mail and am looking to share.  By knowing where rides/attractions are you will be understand how to traverse the parks.  This means, saving time and energy. An important part of planning your trip to...

Continuing with Planning for Disney

Continuing with planning for Disney theme, here is some more great information! Planning which days to spend in the parks is very important.  It is important to know which days are busier than others.  There are many reasons why the park can be busy; I will tell you...

More planning for Disney

Taking the time to plan the trip means enjoying the parks, so we PLAN to ENJOY.  More planning for Disney means more fun at Disney. To me, planning means dining reservations and there are many, many choices!! Currently, it is 60 days in advance because of the...

Planning with the My Disney Experience Account

The PLANNING continues with My Disney Experience (MDE). I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to set up a MDE account in advance!! A My Disney Experience account is a great addition to your planning to track of all your Disney reservations and information....

Why I walk so much

I am sure many of you wonder why I walk so much.  The answer is easy, it keeps me in shape for Disney. I know this sounds funny but it's true. With the pandemic I went from walking about 11,000 steps/day to about 17.000 steps/day (Keep in mind these are minimums). ...

Purchase the 5 Easy Steps to Planning your trip to Disney!

Purchase the 5 Easy Steps to Planning your trip to Disney!

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