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The Trip to Disney That Changed My Life!!
Part 3 of 3

Part 3 – The third and final part of my lessons learned on The Trip to Disney That Changed My Life is: the importance of breaks!

During that first visit to Disney, we did many things wrong right from the start – resulting in the ultimate learning experience.

During that trip my nephew spent a lot of time sleeping on his Dad’s shoulder. We didn’t have a stroller (bad idea on our part), and we didn’t get an opportunity for much table service (sit down dining) either. Today I use table service dining as a type of break, but on that first visit we did not know about making dining reservations early (remember the 180-day mark!). I highly recommend using table service as a way to get revitalized and continue to enjoy your time in the parks. Make sure to have a light jacket to cover up because it will feel great at first, but you will get chilled as you enjoy your meal.  This is also a chance to re-hydrate, water is always key.

Though I recommend table service as a good break opportunity, sometimes it isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to go back to your resort, hotel, or house to take a nap, relax, or swim. These all make for a great break! This can be reinvigorating and help renew everyone’s energy and spirit.  We should have done this for this trip.

Another way to relax and take a break is to check out the indoor (air conditioned and sit down) rides or attractions in each of the parks that last over 20 minutes. Using the indoor rides and attractions is a way to get revitalized and continue to enjoy your time in the parks.  At Magic Kingdom you have: Monsters Inc., Tiki Room, Country Bears Jamboree, Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress (to name a few).  At Epcot you can see the American Adventure or Impressions de France.  China and Canada have cool, indoor 360-degree movies but no seating.  Hollywood Studios has The Frozen sing along, Star Wars Path of the Jedi (only 10 minutes), and the Muppet Vision.  Indiana Jones and Beauty and the Beast are sit down but do not have AC and are outdoors, under shade.  Animal kingdom has Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo shows.  I also suggest It’s Tough to be a Bug.

So, in conclusion, what did we learn?

When traveling with young children make sure to have a stroller, a plan for resting in the afternoon, dining reservations, water to keep hydrated and know what is available within the park that can be used to rest or cool off. Most importantly, know the limits the children in your group (and adults too).

As I mentioned, before we learned the importance of rest we had a good trip, but not a great trip.  It did start my desire to plan  great trips for the other nieces and nephews we would take to Disney.  Most importantly, it started my dream to help as many others as I can have a great time at Disney without all the stress.
I continue to learn more and more every day because Disney is changing every day.  I visit regularly to see what new rides, attractions, restaurants and procedures are in place.  I also have multiple contacts and connections at Disney world that help to keep me up to date.

These are just a couple items( though VERY important ones) that I learned on the Disney trip that changed my life.  If you would like to learn more than reach out to me and we can talk.  I would love to help you plan your family trip to Disney!!  I can help you take the stress out and put the fun in.

Enjoy your day!!

I am a Disney park veteran, and I’ve made it my passion and my career to help other people and their families experience the magic of Disney at its full potential. This is just one of the many topics that I can help you with when it comes to making your trip to Disney the great vacation you always hoped for. I take care of most aspects of planning your Disney trip, from making your dinner reservations and organizing FastPasses to comprehensive Disney App training and planning your entire park days, plus much more.

Please feel free to share this newsletter with your family and friends, and anyone you know who might be interested in making a Disney trip in the future!

Thank you for taking the time to read! If you have a topic you would like more information on, or any feedback for me, please let me know.

Have a great day!!

Until next month,


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