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People are certainly ready to travel now.  We have issues with safety concerns as well as where we actually can go.  Are you ready to travel now??

I have travelled two times to Disney during this pandemic and would certainly go again.  I feel that Disney is doing an amazing job keeping its cast members and guests safe.  Disney is utilizing-Temperature checks    -park capacity limits     -touchless security     -no fingerprints at gates     -social distancing     -hand sanitizers throughout the parks                 -portable sinks for hand washing throughout the parks     -plexiglass as dividers     -MASKS     -heavy vinyl between rows on rides and attractions to name a few.

Universal Studios is doing similar procedures to keep their guests and employees safe as well.  The use of U stations or Relaxation stations for guests to have a break from the mask is a help.  I am sure that similar procedures are part of other theme parks as well.  Therefore, keeping vacationers and locals safe but outside.

The CDC has given the go ahead for cruise ships effective 11/1/2020 as long as they follow specific guidelines.  It is important for you to know before you go.  Due to the guidelines and restrictions you will see differences from your prior cruises.  Also, note that the capacity aboard the cruise ships will probably be at a max of 50%.  You will be required to practice social distancing and wearing a mask.

I am happy to answer all your travel questions and concerns.  Reach out to me for a 30 minute free consultation to start planning your next vacation.  We call all use something to look forward to at this time.

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