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Are you ready to get help planning your Disney vacation?

When you say yes, then you know it’s time to reach out to me!

I can help you with and take care of your dining reservations, your ride reservations, a daily itinerary, teach you how to maximize your My Disney Experience App and give you all the great tips and tricks I have learned with all my visits.  Imagine not having to do this yourself but having me do it for you? It gives you time back for your career, family or your “me time”.  Besides, taking the stress out and putting the fun in.

I can come to see you or we can do it over the phone, whatever is best for you.  I ask you the important questions, probably some you hadn’t thought about, so that the vacation is about YOU.  It is planned and designed for YOU and what is important to YOU.

Changes are always happening at Disney.  it can be a new ride, restaurant or procedure- constant changes. I keep up on the changes so you don’t have to.

First thing you want to do is set up your My Disney Experience Account.  Here is the link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/registration/

My goal is for you to create magic memories while you are at Disney.  I want you to experience that magic moment and have it for the rest of your life or maybe go back for more!!

Their are four parks (not counting water parks) with so many rides and attractions, wouldn’t it be good to know BEFORE you go which ones you would like to go on or those you did not want to go on.  Also, you want to know the height restrictions so you don’t have to tell your child or grandchild they can’t go on a ride once they are there.  PLEASE tell them before you go, this can stop a possible melt down.

I also offer “brain pick” sessions.  This is where you have my undivided attention and knowledge for 30 or 60 minutes where you can ask all your questions about your trip.  I had one client whom I met with where she had a list of questions with space left for answers and we hit one at a time.  She was happy to have everything answered plus I gave her some tips based on her questions.  Panning at Disney is so important!

I am ready to help you plan your vacation at Disney, are you ready to reach out to me?? Remember it is NEVER too early to start planning.  Ideally, I like to meet up with people 8-12 months PRIOR to their trip.  It is not a must but is certainly helpful.  I did have one client I met with 3 days before her trip, but I was able to help her out in a big way and she was SO happy!!

Call me at 518-265-1421 or email me at colleen@awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net for a free 30 minute consultation on how we can create YOUR wonderful Disney vacation!

Thank you.

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