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Are you planning a trip to Disney? Will it be magical?

Are you planning a trip to Disney?  What are you feeling right now about it?  Are you thinking about planning at Disney?

If you are currently planning a trip to Disney I am guessing you are feeling overwhelmed!  This is a common response I get from my clients.  Their is so much information and so much to learn.  You start to think:

-Who can help me?  Friends, family, Travel Agent, Websites???

-What do I do first?  Book room, dining, rides, etc.??

-Where do I start?  Travel Agent, website, family, etc.??

-Why did I agree to do this trip? So much work, time, energy???

-When should I start planning?  How far is too far in advance, can I do it all just before I leave????

If some or all of these thoughts are running through you head then you have come to the right place.  I am here to help you plan a magical trip to Disney!!

First thing you need to do is set up your Disney Experience Account :https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/registration/, then you want to load the My Disney Experience App onto your smartphone.

Congratulations!! You have just taken your first big step!!

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