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April Newsletter- What is Fastpass and why do I use it?


Disney has a great tool in place called Fastpass. This tool allows you to choose 3 rides(different) that you can get a Fastpass for.  A Fastpass is kind of a go to the head of the line pass.  There is no additional fee for this tool.  It is included in your park ticket-whether on site or off.  No cost to you BUT many rewards for you. The Fastpass reservations are booked through your My DISNEY EXPERIENCE ACCOUNT (see March Newsletter for more information: https://awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net/march-newsletter/)  The My Disney Experience (MDE) app can be accessed on your phone, on your computer, or tablet.  My services do include booking your Fastpass reservations for you.  I will set them up to maximize the use of fastpasses and touring in the park.  Picking the right times can be as important as picking the right rides. If you are staying on-site they can be booked at 60 days out for the duration of your trip (up to 10 days).  If you are staying off site it is 30 days and you must book at EACH 30-day mark and for only one day at a time.  You can see the advantage of staying on site. If you do to book in advance, you can book once you arrive at the park.  They are multiple kiosks throughout the parks with cast members there to assist you.  IMPORTANT-BOOK YOUR FASTPASSES IN ADVANCE- Better choices on rides and times. Also, know which rides are MOST important for using Fastpass.  REMEMBER the strategy is not to waste time standing in line, you want to be out riding more rides and going with more attractions. MAGIC KINGDOM- This park has the most rides and attractions which makes it the hardest for choosing fastpasses.  Some of the top ones are: Seven dwarfs Mine, Peter Pan and Space Mountain. EPCOT-This has more limited rides but has tiering fastpasses so it is harder. Top rides are Soarin, Frozen and Test Track. All these rides are Tier 1 so you can only pick one. HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS- This also has tiering for fastpasses.  Top rides are Toy Story Mania, Rock Roll Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror (the first two are Tier 1). ANIMAL KINGDOM- Here you can be challenged by the great shows and their schedules.  Top rides/attractions are Expedition Everest, Kali River, Festival of the Lion King, and River of Lights Show.  This will change effective 5/27/17 when the new Avatar rides open-those will become the top rides. I hope this helps you with your planning and trip to Disney.  Part of my services include teaching you how to use this app to your best advantage. Please feel free to share this newsletter with your family and friends. You can follow me daily with information, tips and tricks on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AwalkintheParkwithColleen/ and/or my website www.awalkintheparkwithcolleen.com. Have a great day!! Thank you for taking the time to read.  If you have a topic you would like more information on, please let me know. Until next month, ENJOY!!-  Colleen

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