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Animal Kingdom and EMH (Extra Magic Hours)

This past month when I was at Disney I tried something I usually don’t, the EMH. I was unable to get a fastpass for Flights of Passage (like so many people) so decided that I would try by going to EMH for 8-9 AM at Animal Kingdom.

They let us start entering around 745 AM.  They had cast members at the front ( I think with a rope), to make sure that people did not run, speed walk or in any other way create the potential of anyone hurting themselves or anyone else-I REALLY like this).

We walked directly back to Pandora and into the line for the ride and almost no wait prior to getting onto the ride.  When starting ride you go into pre-show then onto the actual ride (no spoilers here).

When we walked off the ride it was 815 AM, so we got in the line for Na’vi River ride. Then it was over to the safari ,all before 9 AM.  I had originally had the Safari and Na’vi as fastpasses, so I updated these to new rides (BONUS).

I just wanted to show ho the MH can really help you but you need to be there early for them and plan accordingly.

What is your thoughts on Extra Magic Hours??

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