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Walt Disney states “It all started with a mouse”. Here at A Walk in the Park with Colleen we state “It all started with a baby” . Everyone should have a great time at Disney!

I want you to know about me and why I do what I do.  Everyone should have a great time at Disney!

The baby was not mine, as that was not meant to be. That child was my nephew, Charles, later to become my godson.  Charles started my Disney vacation planning world.  As I sat holding Charles when he was 3 days old, I made him a promise that “If I was not able to have children then when you are 5, we will take you to Disney with your brother.” And so my dream of Disney and magic memories began.

As promised, when he was 5, we took him and his brother to Disney. I had done all kinds of research to make sure it was a great trip. Unfortunately, my research was not enough, so we had a good trip but not a great trip. I set out to correct this for future niece and nephew trips.  It was and continues to be my mission to create wonderful trips to Disney for all.

Having a great time at Disney has became my mission and goal.

I would read anything I could find- books, websites, newsletter, you name it I read it-EVERYTHING! We also started traveling to Disney 1-3 times per year and became annual pass holders. Here are a few:  Disney World   Kenny the Pirate   WDW Prep School  All Ears   Under Cover Tourist  to name just a few.

As my husband and I took each of our nieces/nephews on their trip to Disney, we have strive to create a great vacation at Disney, specifically for each one. Some have been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party, or the Spas and so much more!  Over time I have made some incredible friends of Disney and cohorts. We talk, email, Facebook, anything to share information we have or ask questions we want great information on. I still can’t get enough information about Disney!

The next tradition we started was once the nieces/nephews graduated high school they could have an all-expense paid week with us anywhere in the 48 states. To date all have chosen Disney and this makes me happy.  Taking them to the happiest place on earth and creating a magical time for them is wonderful!  Believe me, it is a magical time for my husband and I as well.

Soon family and friends started asking me to help plan their vacations to Disney, which I did with great success.

As this continued I said to my husband, “When I ‘retire’ I want to start an IN park planning service for those going to Disney”. He supported me in my dream and endeavor. Retirement came earlier than expected due to a downsizing at my regular job, and A Walk in the Park with Colleen was born, my baby.

At A Walk in the Park with Colleen, I help you create your magical in park experience at Disney tailored to meet each person’s interests and desires. My motto is “Everyone should have fun in the Parks”. Where else do dreams come true and magical moments happen.  Thank you Colleen.

Breakfast with Mickey and Colleen Parisi
My Story- I want to help YOU have a great time at Disney!!
Planning a trip to Disney? If you are a busy parent or grandparent struggling to plan your magical vacation, you’ve come to the right place. I will create your itinerary, or as I call it your GAME PLAN, to maximize your time in each park. Taking care of the details so you can enjoy your time in the parks! Let’s take the stress out of your Disney planning and vacation and putting the fun back in!!
Everyone should have a great time at Disney and we are here for you to accomplish this! I plan your trip to Disney with you so you can plan to have fun. If you want your Disney planning to be easy, call Colleen Parisi.
A Walk in the Park all started over 20 years ago. My husband and I found out we could not have children so we decided we would take our nieces and nephews to Disney (we paid for the entire trip) when the youngest of each family was 5. We had our first trip and it was good but not great. I believed that they deserved the best time. It became my mission to learn everything I could about the Disney parks and planning at Disney. With this was the birth of the company. Now, all my clients are my “nieces and nephews” and I want them to have the best time at Disney!
Everyone should have a great time at Disney!!
My mission is to make sure everyone has a great time at Disney by helping them plan their days in the park at Disney! I help you minimize what you need to for planning at Disney by maximizing what I do for you. Disney has grown and it is more challenging to learn what you need to know for planning a trip to Disney. Think of me as your fairy godmother and concierge service provider. Disney planning is an integral part of a great trip to Disney, let me do it with you and for you. My goal is creating magical moments for you and your family while giving Disney level customer service.


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