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A Disney Fairy Tale Story

This all probably sounds like a Disney Fairy Tale story- having a Fairy Godmother and a magical trip to Disney.  Not only that, but someone else is taking care of all the planning for you!!

It’s not a fairy tale, it can be real for you.  I can be your Fairy Godmother.  I can help you plan for Disney and for while you are planning at Disney in the parks.

It is so important to have a good game plan when you enter the parks.  This is not a schedule with specific times and places to be- remember schedule starts with “S” as does “stress”, we don’t want the stress in your trip to Disney.  I put together your personal game plan so you know which way to go and what order to do things in.  It is also important to be flexible (think Mrs.Incredible or Elastigirl).

I know how many of you are feeling.  I remember planning my first big trip to Disney with our nephews.  It was good but not great.  I wanted it to be great!  First of all we could not get the group moving in the morning and missed rope drops for the parks (rope drop is being at the park for opening). This was big mistake number 1.  Then my one nephew was so tired from the sun and heat, my brother had to carry him on his shoulder for a couple hours while he slept.  This was big mistake 2-no stroller and big mistake 3 no hat or sunscreen in the midday sun.  Our nephews did not even get to see Mickey Mouse!! I mean seriously, who goes to Disney and does not see Mickey???  Big mistake number 4.  Believe me, we had more mistakes, like no fastpasses, etc.

I hate hearing about how people have had a bad time, a bad experience or just a non-happy time at Disney.

It is also important to know that EVERY park and Disney Springs has a Guest Relations location.  They are there to help you.  They want to help you.  I didn’t even know this existed when I was first there.  Here is a great link for more information on what they can do to help you when you are in the parks: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/guest-relations/

It has become my mission and my goal to learn everything I can about the Disney Parks and keeping up to date on the ever changing Disney parks.

I truly believe that everyone should have a great time at Disney!!  Don’t you?


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