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***3 Big Changes at Disney effective 5/1/19***

3 Big changes have arrived at Disney effective 5/1/19!  Three big changes have happened at Disney and I want you to know about them.

1-Wagons, Wagon Strollers and strollers larger than 31” wide and 52” long  are no longer allowed in the Disney Parks. This includes theme parks, water parks and indoor venues at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

It is VERY important to know this before you get to the parks.  I recommend measuring your strollers if you are bringing from home or if you are renting one locally in Orlando.  The way to make sure you are ok with the size is to rent directly in the Disney Parks, but this can take up time you really don’t want to be wasting.

I know people with the longer strollers, generally designed for 3 kids or 4, will probably not make the restrictions and you will need to have two separate strollers to accommodate your children.

Disney had made these changes to help traffic move easier in the parks and have less congestion in the Parks.  This is intended to make it a more enjoyable experience for all the guests.

2-No smoking in the Disney Theme Parks, Water Parks and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.  This includes electronic cigarettes and vaping as well.  Their will be smoking areas outside of the park entry areas.

There is still smoking allowed in smoking areas at the Disney Resorts and Disney Springs.

This has been done to provide a more enjoyable experience for those guests in the Parks.

I have to say I have concerns for the children that will no longer have the opportunity to visit Disney because they have a parent that won’t go now because of the no smoking rule.  I am not saying I agree or disagree on smoking; I am only saying that some people cannot go without smoking and now their children will not get this amazing experience!

Check out this link for smoking location: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/designated-smoking-areas/

3-No loose ice or dry ice allowed in the parks.

It is recommended that you use reusable ice packs for keeping your necessary items cold.

If you do not have access to those then you can ask for ice at quick serve counters to keep things cold.

This is being done to speed up the bag check and entry process into the parks.

I believe that these are some very big changes in the parks, and I know that many people will feel strongly about each of them.  Many will also question as to why Disney is doing it.  Disney is constantly changing and updating their rules and procedures.  They make the changes to enhance your time in the parks and getting into the parks.

Changes are part of the Disney life as well as our own lives.  I will be anxious to see how this affects things going into the parks, while in the parks and when leaving the parks.

Check out this link for more information by Disney: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/parks/rules-updates-parks-resorts/

Please let me know your thoughts on the changes with comments.  Thank you.

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