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10 Steps to ANY vacation

10 Steps to ANY vacation!  Whether it is Disney Planning or someplace else, it is so important to plan.  You do not need to plan each minute of each day or even plan what to do on each day.  It is important to know what you want to accomplish.  If you are planning to relax and do nothing then great, enjoy!  BUT if you are looking to get some dining in or see a museum or do some shopping then a bit or research and reservations will go a long way.

10 Steps to any vacation

1-Where to go  Make sure to do your research

2-Research (You, Me, TA)  Let someone else do the leg work but make sure to let them know your wants and needs.

3-Resort/Hotel/Accommodations  are a big part of your vacation.  Stay where you are comfortable and within your budget.

4-Airline choices abound.  Make sure to use a reputable one and one that has flights that work with you schedule.

5-Dining (Reservations, Open Table) can be a big part of your vacation.  I love to try local and ethnic food when I travel to better get to know the locale.

6-Attractions/Tours (Pre-pay whatever possible-saves time) By buying tickets in advance you can save yourself time by not having to stand in line to wait.

7-Pre-work (VISAS, ID, Shots, Etc.-Pre-checks) don’t find out when you are trying to get on the plane that you need a VISA or longer expiration date on your passport.

8-Pack what you need and know what you need to pack.  Check the weather BEFORE you go to know what types of clothing you will need or any other extras.

9-Re-check to make sure that ALL reservations and plans are still a go.  It never hurts to check and double check EVERYTHING as it will save you stress.

10-Have fun!! It’s a vacation, it’s supposed to be fun!!

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