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Are you feeling overwhelmed planning your trip to Disney?
We plan for you to have FUN!

My motto is “Everyone should have a great time in the parks.” My goal is to create YOUR magical experience in the parks!!  I do this by getting to know you and your family’s likes and dislikes.

I will share my planning at Disney tips and tricks with you to maximize your time in the parks (“time is money”) and minimize the stress. We PLAN for you to have fun!


9 Steps to Planning a Trip to Disney


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My top 10 tips for Disney

About Colleen Parisi


“Dear Colleen aka, Fairy Godmother, From our family to yours, Thank you! For the ride of a lifetime and for helping us with the “Best Trip Ever. A true Wow moment for the family, that we will never forget.  You delivered our family to Walt Disney World, first class and in style!”

“We invested a lot of money and love in this trip; we had to go during the busiest week of the year, and we saw a lot of people waiting forever in lines- but because of you, we never waited more than 10 minutes.”

“Colleen sat down with us over a year before going and helped us make a list of everything we wanted to experience as well as giving us several ideas we would have never thought of.  Our reservations for dining and rides were waiting for us with no problems and created such a magical experience for my wife and I that we will never forget.”

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Now offering…..

Now offering.....VACATION RESEARCH PROGRAMS!  it's not all about planning at Disney.  It is important to plan for any vacation. This means, you are thinking about going to Italy and you want to know what would be good things for your travel group to do or what are...

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Why do I keep going back to Disney?

Planning at Disney is different for every group I go with that is why I keep going back. When you go to Disney with someone who has never been it becomes like the first time for me.  You see Disney through their eyes and it is all new again.  You start to notice...

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Planning at Disney- 28 times and counting

How many times have you been to Disney?? I have been to Disneyworld in Florida 28 times!! Yes you read that right 28 times:)   People ask why I keep going back, don't you get bored? The answer is definitely NO.   When you go with someone different you see it through...

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What I do-Planning at Disney

I know some of you wonder what it is I do, here is the simple answer-I help people plan their days in the Disney parks and beyond.   What this means, I take care of your dining reservations, your ride reservations (fastpasses), I set up an itinerary and I educate you...

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It’s a Small World

It's a Small World after all......except when planning at Disney.   OK now that you have that song in your head, do you ride or do you skip?? I ride it every time!! I can even sing along with it.   I just am always amazed by the details in the faces of the children...

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Magic Express- planning at Disney!

Magic Express, do you use it? I do!!   This is me on the Magic Express bus from the airport to my Disney Resort.   I love that I do not have to pick up my luggage-Disney does it for me with the special tags I received from them. I do not have to worry about...

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Planning at Disney, how about the Wild Africa Trek??

Planning at Disney let's start with imagining going on this VIP Tour that brings you up close with many different animals!  You get to see them like never before! It is 3 hours and you get an amazing lunch you can't get anywhere else.  The price ranges from $189-$249,...

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My Toy Story Land Report

I had the great opportunity to get an annual pass for preview of Toy Story Land the last week of September so I can help you with your planning at Disney for Toy Story Land.  This meant being at Hollywood Studios at around 640 AM to be let in around 645 AM and walked...

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October Newsletter

OCTOBER NEWSLETTER-Dining at Disney!  Mostly, getting those Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR). The dining options at Disney can be very overwhelming to say the least.  There is table service, counter service and just snacking-so many choices, so little time!  Here’s...

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Remember: Everyone should have a good time at Disney and other parks!!

I want to help plan your days at Disney with helpful itineraries and touring plans.

I can take care of your advance dining reservations as well as your ride/attractions reservations.

With my over 20 years of traveling experiences to Disney and planning trips for others, I have learned how to plan your days in the park to maximize your Park experience.

I will work to have you NOT stand in lines, I will also work to get your dining reservations for your first dining choices.

With planning, we will take the stress out of your trip, and keep the fun in. Contact me to discuss your magical experience for planning a vacation at Disney!

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